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    iTAS (iTech Analytic Solutions)  is a complete Analytics Solution provider with. unparalleled value-optimizing  Information Insight to client organizations through the use of cutting-edge, customized reporting systems, analytical models, and database applications

    iTAS (iTech Analytic Solutions) provides data driven business decisions with quantitative modeling expertise & deep understanding of business needs and state-of-the-art technologies to solve complex problems.

    Why iTAS ?

    iTAS (iTech Analytic Solutions) iTAS focus is on applying expertise to real-world, practical solutions in analysis, reporting, and planning for your business.  We are able to combine the theory and the practice together in this manner because our degrees and experience are deeply rooted in Analytical Sciences.  This platform of dual-expertise is what sets us apart.

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    What We DO

    We build automated data analytics, financial models, reporting applications and tactical solutions to allow companies and organizations to make better business decisions.  We understand that every client is different and so are their objectives, which is why we work closely with each client to ensure their advanced analytics needs are met and expectations are exceeded.


    • Excel Tool Design for Business Intellegence
    • Process Automation
    • Interactive Dashboard Design
    • Enterprise information Reporting
    • Improvement of Existing Reports & Models

    Additionally, we will always be on-call to answer your "how-to" questions, to fix known errors, uncover unknown ones, provide quality assurance review, and offer guidance for improvement and optimization.

    We will be your personal Excel, Access, SQL Server, gurus  - a concierge-level service at far less than even the cost of one full-time employee.

  • Courses


    • MS Excel
    • VBA(Visual Basic Applications)
    • SAS(Statistical Analysis System)
    • Dashboard Designing,Automation,Reporting
    • SQL Server - Complete Reference
    • Power BI(Power Business intelligence)

    Placements Package

      Executive Program - MIS Reporting
      • Advance Excel
      • VBA Macros
      • Basic Dashboard and Automation
      • basic Reporting techniques
      Executive Program - Analysis & Reporting
      • Advance Excel
      • VBA Macros
      • Dashboard and Automation
      • Reporting techniques
      • MS Access
      • Power BI

    Course Package

    Reporting & Analysis
    • Advance Excel
    • VBA Macros
    • Dashboard Designing Automation
    • Advanced Automation
    • Reporting techniques
    • MS Access
    • Power BI
    Data Analysis
    • Advance Excel
    • VBA Macros
    • Dashboard Designing Automation
    • Advanced Automation
    • Reporting techniques
    • MS Access
    • Power BI
    • SAS
    Data Analytics - Server
    • Advance Excel
    • VBA Macros
    • Dashboard Designing Automation
    • Advanced Automation
    • Reporting techniques
    • SQL Server
    • MSBI
    • SAS
    Documentation & Presentation
    • Advance Excel
    • Advanced PowerPoint
    • Advanced Word
    • Getting and Cleaning
    • Data
  • Our Services


    • MIS Dashboards
    • Interactive Dashboards
    • KOL Dashboards
    • Customised Dashboards
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    Tool Designing
    • Creating Customised Buttons
    • Creating Cover Page
    • Creating Banners
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    • Importing numerous files into one file
    • Exporting Charts, Tables, to other applications
    • Reduce Manual Interference
    • Integrating various MS Office Applications
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    • Pharma Reports
    • Sales Reports
    • Various Reports
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  • Trainings

    • iTAS Conducting training in ExxonMobil Employess

    • Manager

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  • Contact Us

    Head Office

    No. 9, 1st Floor, 8th Main, 9th Cross,
    SBM Colony, Brindavan Nagar,Mathikere,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560054

    Branch Office

    No. 403, 11th Cross, 19th Main,
    1st Block, Rajajinagar,
    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India - 560010

    Telephone: +91 90660 78793, 9902058793, 9066078793
    Phone: 080 - 42188793
    E-mail: enquiry.itas@gmail.com

  • Dashboards

    Interactive Dashboard Design and Development
    In today’s volatile business environment, more and more organizations are implementing Excel & Microsoft Power BI dashboards and reports to measure their key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Using Excel to build dashboards and reports is an excellent way to get started because they’re familiar, flexible, fast and inexpensive.

    Excel and Microsoft Power BI can

    • Connect to all your various data sources & relate the data together
    • Store and manipulate hundreds of millions of rows of data very quickly
    • Design beautiful, interactive maps and dashboards with drill-down & filtering capabilities
    • Publish all these to the web for viewing by anyone using any device with a browser
    • Automatically refresh the data so you’re always looking at the most up-to-date information

    How can we help
    We help you identify your KPIs: what things are really worth measuring and how should they be reported? We connect data from all the various systems in your business and relate this together to facilitate better decisions that are based on data, help identify new revenue opportunities, reduce risks, and reduce costs. We design and help you implement this so you get maximum benefit. We provide ongoing support to adapt and expand and adapt the system as your business changes.

  • Enterprise information Reporting.

    Enterprise information Reporting.
    Excel is a very powerful tool when it comes to data manipulation, analysis, and reporting. The key is that Excel holds both the raw data and the aggregations, calculations, charts, and so on. So not only can you get the big picture, you can also drill into the data.

    Enterprise Information Reporting
    A well designed Report is an excellent way to simplify complex information from multiple sources and display this in a way that is easy to understand … and utilize for decision-making.

    How can we help

    • Create sophisticated custom reports
    • Automating the Report publishing Process
    • Creating a Reporting Structure for the organization
    • Develop Dashboards for a particular process and create report
  • Excel Tool Design for Business Intelligence

    Lower cost & data manipulation Capability of MS Excel make it one of the favorite choice of Tool for Business Intelligence strategy
    Excel Tools for Business Intelligence have grown in popularity with nonprofits for a number of reasons. The most prominent are better data integration, more flexibility, easier distribution of data and better visuals. 

    Excel Tools for Business intelligence can
    Excel Tools for Business intelligence can relieve a lot of the headaches associated with monitoring and evaluating programs and outcomes and provides sophisticated analytical capabilities

    How can we help

    • Develop a tool for analytics that is very fast and can quickly summarize data based on different variables
    • Develop Excel Tool to communicate critical information to your audience in a way they can understand
    • Develop a Tool could display operational or strategic data for Analytics
    • Develop a Tool that can automate different process
  • Automation

    Automating business processes saves time, money and Excel dependency
    Automation of Excel procedures and activities helps in ensuring that everything is regularly kept up to date & Save considerable time, which can instead be used more profitably by working on activities and tasks that generate more value.

    Process Automation Can

    • Increase productivity and efficiency
    • Ensuring accuracy and speed
    • Freedom to focus on higher-value tasks

    How can we help

    • Automating the process of Reading and writing data
    • Automating the process of Data extraction and migration
    • Automating the process of Comparing columns
    • Automating the process of Integrating with other applications and databases
    • Automating the process of Retrieving and creating workbooks
    • Automating the process of Running the analysis reports
    • Automating the process of Filling in forms with data from Excel spreadsheets
  • Careers


    • Should have Good Analytical Skills
    • Should have Good Communication Skills
    • Qualification : Any Graduation
    • Technical Skills : C, C++, Java, Oracle, SQL Server, Proficiency in MS Excel


    • Should have good experience in data analysis and preparing MIS reports
    • Should have experience in automation of reports
    • Should have excellent experience in advanced excel, VBA, Macros
    • Should have good communication skills
    • Knowledege on SQL, SSIS, Excel with VBA
    • Good understanding of VBA / Excel Macros & VB Scripts.
    • Good Understanding of client-server architecture.
    • Good Analytical Skills
    • Good Written Communication Skills
    • Good Knowledge in RDBMS Access / SQL / Oracle etc.
    • Knowledge on Dot-Net would be an added advantage..